Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some of my favorite things

Last night we went to a beach BBQ at the Esperanza and it was one of those experiences where you know you're there but want to pinch yourself just to make sure.
With the sea of Cortez as our backdrop, we dined on incredible food while lounging; us on soft club chairs and Jacob on a bean bag.  Everything from the grilled lobster to the chocolate empenadas were delicious.  Kids roasted marshmallows and frolicked and played as we drank, made new friends and talked about how lucky we were to be here in this amazing place.
The Esperanza truly is a sight to be seen.  At night and by day, it looks like it sprung from the cliffs that surround it but so much attention is paid to every detail that you know it was all intentional and meticulously constructed.
Happy Holidays if you're reading this!

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