Friday, January 29, 2010

Cold in the City

Why is it that every time I think it's nice enough to walk out without a hat and gloves, its colder than the day before?  Walking Jacob to school across Rittenhouse Square this morning, I thought my ears were going to break off!
I must confess that I love buy that is but not to wear and have a ton of them but I usually don't wear them and this morning was not exception.  It's so Cold in the City I can't stand it but at least having a Miami escape booked for February makes it a bit easier to bare.  Phil and I are getting away sans Jacob for V-day and P-day staying at the Gansevoort...can't wait but now have to bring up my game and get in shape...quick!
This place is super chic and super cool so the pressure is on for a hot bod and super sexy everything!
Check it out...can't wait and almost guranteed there will be a celebrity spotting!!!

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