Sunday, January 10, 2010

So many Oy Veys at the Aquarium

Can I just say, if I was taking pictures of ALL of the Oy Veys, my camera would have exploded!
Phil had to go to the office for a few hours so he dropped me and Jacob at the Adventure Aquarium for their NBC10 Day where admission for all was just $10.
Well, everyone and their mother near and far must of heard about this because in all the years we have been coming to the aquarium, I've never seen it so busy or so well...not to be ugly but hugely obese!
I've never seen so many young mothers...and fathers, weighing +200lbs, wearing tights and foorball t-shirts, wavy hair with bangs blown out straight, and should I continue?  Don't they watch TV?  Where do they come from and who inspires them?
I was disturbed and confused; in our modern society where people have the world at their fingertips, don't they see what is and is not appropriate?  Don't their friends tell them?  Can't they be honest with themselves and their spouses and lose some weight?  OK, I'll stop and this probably makes me sound ugly but I had to share and hope you understand where I'm coming from...I know you do!
Anyway, we had a great time and in the end, it was kinda like sitting at News Cafe in South Beach watching the beautiful people go by but, the OPPOSITE (-:

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