Sunday, January 17, 2010

My latest obsession and it's not what you think!

Most of my obsessions come in the form of shoes, handbags or jewelry but this one is different.
As most of you know, I'm a total clean freak and firing our classically trained ballerina-dancing cleaning guy doesn't make it any easier.
He got the boot last week so Phil and I have been on cleaning duty...again!
So on to my obsession and this is nothing new/it's been in the closet forever but today I swepped and washed my floors with the Swiffer and I'm in love!
The dry cloths are a godsend in our apartment cause for some crazy reason, being on the 30th floor means that you have to sweep daily.
But as great as the dry cloths are, they're not what I'm here to discuss.  The wet mopping cloths in "OpenWindowFresh" scent are, as an old friend of mine used to say, "the MOTTS!"  He loved Mott's apple juice and used to compare everything to it and if it passed muster, it was the Motts.
The floors are spotless and the apt. smells like Spring has sprung.
I know, so lame to be going on and on about cleaning floors but I think that most of you can relate and this is my blog so I say what I want and the Swiffer is the Motts!!!
While I'm on the subject of domestic bling, whoever invented the Ziploc bag is a genius and if I could, I would ziploc everything (-:
Thanks for reading, now go clean and love the space you're in!

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