Thursday, February 25, 2010

How hot are these?

Let's get back to our roots and talk about fashion but most importantly, shoes!!!
Just got this in my inbox from Net-a-Porter and if you're not a member yet, get to it...seriously!

I know that most of these are not practical and will probably decorate your closet more than they will ever adorn your feet but I can't stop salivating over these Valentino’s. The heel, the feathers, the them!
I saw the below Jimmy Choos at Nordstroms the other day and they are pretty hot too.

Phil and I have been going out a lot recently so I'm sure I would get  wear out of them but it really sucks that the shoes, as hot as they may be, are rarely noticed especially if you're wearing jeans which I usually do.  Usually, you have to point them out cause you really want someone to notice them and appreciate them as much as you do but that’s kinda gauche…no?
Men usually notice them thought. As a matter of fact, the other day I was wearing my favorite “Bondage” stilettos and this guy in the elevator kept staring at my feet while we were having a conversation…hehehe!
Anyway, sign up for their e-mail updates to stay in the know and if you buy a pair, let me know (-:

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