Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm so inspired

Phil and I watched Julie and Julia the other night and what can I say, I'm so inspired. Not only to continue with my blog which, by the way, had record readership yesterday but also to cook!

I've been on somewhat of a cooking roll in the past few weeks but ironically, that has coincided with my mad exercise craze. The two don’t necessary work well together but in my case, I feel like if I can control what goes in, we all look and feel better. Seems to be working as I’ve lost 5lbs which is a lot for me and gained a lot of muscle!
Lots of chicken and veggies yes but also lots of creative salads that I think have become my specialty. The other night I made my favorite meal of baby French cut lamb chops with a side of rosemary baby potatoes. Didn’t eat the potatoes but the boys did and loved it!
Last night was a bit of a setback I think but maybe being too hard on myself? After work, I went to the gym for another hour of intense cardio and weights only to come home starved. I hadn’t eaten since lunch when I ate my absolutely favorite combo of Greek yogurt and banana and when I walked in, there were moist and delicious pork chops waiting for me courtesy of Phil who, by the way, is an awesome cook. I ate the pork chop, the sautéed onions that topped it and a side of green snapping peas. Finished it off with a glass of Cab and was stuffed as a turkey.
It felt like all of the hard work at the gym had gone to shit and surprise…surprise, woke up starving…damn it!
A new day and all is good again. I just ate my Oikos organic caramel Greek yogurt, a recent find at Pathmark and with 0% fat, absolutely sinful and delicious. Check out their FACEBOOK page and this link for coupons.

Now, what will I whip up for dinner tonight? Maybe I can think about it while at the gym getting my butt in shape but whatever it is, I can’t wait for Jacob’s guaranteed response, “Mama, this is the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten!”

I love my son (-:

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