Saturday, March 13, 2010

April InStyle has arrived and I have a lot to say!

Why is it that every time I go through the latest issue of InStyle, I get the urge to purge everything and start anew?

Even before I finished the April issue, I had to slather on a masque; always feel like I’m not taking good-enough care of my skin when reading a fashion mag. Reconfirmed my love of “Ballet Slippers” polish by Esse, my go-to light color and,” Lincoln Park at Midnight” my dark hue favorite. Even Catherine Zeta -Jones agrees so I’m in good company.
Love the jewelry designs by Rachel Roy and at the ridiculously low price points, you can’t go wrong experimenting with her bold and fun styles…check out these Bird hoops among others at,default,sc.html

Since I’m in total exercise mode, this awesomely convenient and cute sweatshirt comes with its own sound system! The drawstrings have ear buds at the ends and the pocket sports a jack for your iPod, how ingenious…too bad it’s not available until till May.

Not sure why but I hate the model in the Michael Kors ads, her mouth totally bothers me, should I write a letter?
Jessica Biel looks Scary in the Revlon ad on page 99, anyone agree or is it just me?
Totally agree that Lady Gaga should create a fashion line. I wouldn’t wear it to work but on the weekends, hell yeah!
Don’t really like Derek Lam or his tips, “commit to print” and “get an oversized tuxedo jacket”…really?
Love Rachel Zoe and her bold style, could you just die for her jewelry collection? Good thing she’s launching a line for QVC debuting March 23rd, can’t wait!
Alexander McQueen was a genius and a real master at his craft. I love the drama he created with every piece and show he created.

Definitely going to take the Dysport challenge, why not!? If I can find a better and cheaper replacement for Botox, it will make me very happy…face it, we’re not getting any younger!
This brings me to the reason behind this post. Last night, as I perused Net-a-porter, I came across this fabulous cuff by AurĂ©lie Bidermann. The vintage cotton-lace cuff is right up my alley, it’s big, bold and definitely makes a statement. Dipped in 18-karat gold, it’s on sale for $1,575!

Well, as I turned to page 244, I was pleasantly surprised to find this equally gorgeous metal cuff from at a mere $190. So it’s not real gold and it’s not as large as Bidermann’s but each piece is custom made and $15.60 of the cost goes to a non-profit…can’t do better than that.

And oh by the way, how great does Cindy Crawford look?
I’m sure I’ll find more to comment on but this is a good start…enjoy your April issue and Happy Spring!

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