Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Castle, best show on TV now that Dexter is on a break

Seriously, if it wasn’t for Castle, I don't know how I would survive from season to season waiting for Dexter to return. If you haven't been watching Castle, get to it...it's a 1 hour drama based on a famous mystery novelist, Rick Castle, who helps the NYPD homicide department solve crimes.
The premise is brilliant, the dialogue is sharp, witty and sarcastic and the chemistry between Castle and Beckett, the NYPD detective he aims to help, is always on the brink of… I’m going to tear your clothes off and have you right here right now! When that will happen who knows but I tune in weekly just in case it does (-:
The show is in Season 2 and just keeps getting better so tune into Castle on Mondays at 10pm and discover what you’ve been missing, you won’t be disappointed!
Also, you can buy Season 1on DVD, watch full episodes on Hulu or iTunes and see them in the Full Episode Viewer on the ABC website.

Enjoy and Happy viewing!

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