Friday, May 14, 2010

The ultimate in practical accessories

The BRAZA secret stash detachable bra pocket is the ultimate in practical accessories. Think Grandma-stuffed bra meets Modern-day girl needs her essentials but her dress is too tight and her clutch is too small.

If that’s you, check out the secret stash from BRAZA and while you’re at it, pick up all the essentials a Diva could ever need. Individually or, in this Ultimate Diva Kit, the first aid for fashion. All in time for the weekend and includes 16 of our most popular problem solvers you need in case of emergency.

1. One large clear cosmetics bag with zipper 2. One pair Perki Silicone enhancer pads 3. Three pieces Tack Itz for scratchy labels 4. Twelve uses Sticky Fingers, lint removers 5. Two pair Strap Keepers, keep straps hidden 6. Two pair Petal Tops, nipple covers 7. Two pair Reveal Adhesive Bra 8. Two pair Braza Adhesive Bra 9. One piece Happy Strap - Clear 10. One piece Magic Clip bra tuner 11. One piece 2 HK Clear Bra Extender 12. One pair Clear Bra Straps 13. One piece The Low Down low back converter 14. Two pair Clothing Shields 15. One piece Seamless Tube Top 16. One piece Try On Bonnet 17. Three sets, Upsie Daisie!, holds up any dress 18. One dispenser Flashtape.

Only $48 at Amazon.

Happy Shopping Divas!

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