Friday, May 14, 2010

Jacob gets his Orange belt!

The weekend ended as great as it began. On Friday, Jacob tested for and got his second belt, Orange and has qualified to move from Bear Cubs to Bear Cubs Jr...I'm so proud!

Then we endured a crazy windy yard sale in Margate where I spend the majority of the time chasing stuff around. Wind and sun don't mix well and I have the crazy chapped lips to prove it…thank god for L'OCCITANE lip balm.
Sunday, the boys made me breakfast in bed and departed to pick-up the grandparents. My parents and Phil's mom came over for another superb brunch by Phil Sherman; Lox, bagels, white fish, the was delicious! Baba Alla couldn’t make it and although she was missed, everyone had a good time.

Once the grandparents departed, the lobster feast began…Yummy…all I wanted for Mothers Day and spent a good hour digging into the Crustacean while Phil and Jacob watched me as if I was an animal in the wild that hasn’t been fed in days. I wish every day was Mother’s Day but in a way it is (-:

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