Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cock-a-doodle-doo, I've lost a shoe!

I used to drive and see random shoes all along the highway wondering, how the hell did they get there? Was someone stuffed in the trunk of a car and in the haste lost a shoe? Were they running from the cops and as they ran into the woods, lost one or, both? Mysterious this was all to me…until now!
Now, I’m in that club of lost shoes you see along the highway and wonder, how the …?
Somewhere between Margate and Center City, I lost my favorite, brand new Havaiana flip flop.
Purchased during our February trip to Miami at my new friend Robert Radice’s place Tootsie’s, these were my go to most favorite flip flops and I’m heartbroken!
Ok, so it didn’t help that Jacob insisted on taking a pee break along the AC Expressway and while I held him up, the 1FF could have fallen out and that is my fault, I know but regardless, if you see this shoe, please take it for safekeeping or better yet advise me on where I can purchase ½ of a Havaiana flip flop in this design…

Anyway, if you’re in South Beach and need a fresh mani/pedi or, a new pair of Havaiana’s, Tootsie’s is your place. They have the craziest selection of flip flops and Robert is great! 

1602 A. Washington Ave.

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