Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sex in the City 2...Hot Hot Hot!

Just watched the Sex in the City 2 trailer and gotta say, I can’t wait to see this movie! Not only is it visually awesome but most of it takes place in Abu Dhabi which has got be hot and sexy and, based on what I’ve seen and read, is sure to set new trends for us diehard fashion lovers. Let’s put aside that Carrie is somewhat annoying and Miranda is a bitch and that most of the fashions will be too bizarre to actually wear in real life, I can’t wait to see it but until then, check out this interactive trailer to learn more of what to expect.
Speaking of anticipated new trends, straight from Patricia Field, the woman behind the fashions are the next big things in fashion, are you in?

1. Diaphanous Fabrics aka seeing through
Because much of the film is set in Abu Dhabi, Field says she was able to bring some of her cultural roots — she's Greek and Armenian — to life on screen. "Long, flowing things look beautiful," she says of a breezy style she employed on all the stars. "The mood and movement of the diaphanous on the desert landscape provides this compatibility with the Middle East style."
Gorgeous and just in time for summer but not for everyone, know what I mean?
2. The White Halston Dress
Even in dressing the cast for New York City scenes, she opted for "chic simplicity" as opposed to the highly created cuts of late. "We used a lot of Halston on Carrie because I was feeling tired of those extreme shapes that make a lampshade out of a woman," she says. The $325 Halston Heritage creation Carrie wore in some of the first filmed scenes is already circulating the racks across the nation (Wal-Mart has a $15 version!).
Can never go wrong with a classic and now there are endless variations with price ranges to match.
3. Head Wraps
In the last movie, Field was discouraged and oftentimes even forbidden from using hats — they cast unflattering shadows and created lighting issues — but this time, she was given free reign to put the women in an assortment of brightly colored hats and head wraps. "I used a lot of glamorous headwear," she says. "I went berserk!"
Hmm, think this was on my no-no list but looks good on screen & may look even hotter if you’re lounging by the pool in the South of France…I’ve got a one track mind!
4. Clover Leaf Charms
In a few scenes, Carrie Bradshaw — who had more than 60 costume changes in the movie — wears "a beautiful clover leaf necklace," Field says. The lucky symbol, she tells Marie Claire, could create as much of a frenzy as Carrie's gold monogram necklace from the very first seasons of the show.
I never fell for the monogrammed necklace but back in the 90’s, did have the monogrammed ring, isn’t that the same?

Click here to purchase a variation of the necklace right from the source
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Sooo excited!!!

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