Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Feeling Hot-Hot-Hot

What's all the fuss about?

Yes, it's Summer and it's Sizzling HOT, but isn’t that what we’ve all been waiting for or, would you rather it be winter and Cold? Have we forgotten the misery that is winter and all that comes with it?

Not me! I'm loving this weather and, the fashions you can rock while barely dressed!

Check out the Chanel Cruise 2010/11 Ready-to-Wear show straight from St. Tropez and note the beige house with the double light blue doors in the background…yes, I spent a glorious 2 weeks living in that house but that’s another story for another post…censorship required (-:

Back to Chanel; Love the airy bohemian looks from this collection and especially love the accessories!

The sheer embellished caftans and suits, the chapeaus, the short shorts and the over-the-knee boots! Glad they’re back since I spend a fortune on my Stuart Weitzman’s last summer and would love to wear them again before they’re soo out and the next fad sets in.

Hate the high waist pants and the monotone silk numbers ala Pierrot...sorry Chanel but not your best look!

Enjoy summer styling and remember, you’re not sweating, you’re perspiring!,0

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