Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blood pressure rising

At the gym last night working on my fitness and 10 minutes into it this f----- chick walks in, sits down on the stationary bike and proceeds to gently peddle and talk on her cell for over 30+ minutes at the top of her lungs and with no regard for anyone around her.
The gym is my time, how dare she invade my sanctuary? Is she that desperate for attention that she needed to have a private conversation in public? Mind you I had my headphones on, volume turned up to MAX and the TV was on and I could still hear her.

Many many evil thoughts went through my head from what I wanted to say to her to what I wanted to do to her. In the end, I told her to shut up and not in those words but I couldn’t take it anymore; my heart was beating so hard I thought I would have a heart attack and so I said it and felt better about it for like a second.
When I was done with the elliptical, I turned the TV up full volume and changed the channel to the Food Network and walked away. Passive aggressive I know but obviously she wasn’t there to work out so she can watch cooking shows and get fat…bitch!
Seriously, I’m for being connect as much if not more than the next guy/girl but come on, what is so important
that you can’t disconnect for 1hr and focus on 1 activity and yes, if it’s an emergency by all means take the call but if it goes on to become a full on conversation PLEASE take it outside…I don’t need to hear your business!!!

Angry I am today…good thing tomorrow I go on vacation…serenity now Hmmmmmmmmmmm

The good news is that I’ve reached my goal…110lbs baby, I don’t think I’ve ever been this fit (-:
Any thoughts on the issue, OK for cell phones at the gym/am I over reacting?


  1. I don't think you're over reacting at all!! Everybody is on cell phones everywhere these days, very annoying!! Congrats on you reaching your goal!!!

  2. Thank you anonymous, hope you like what you're reading!


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