Thursday, August 5, 2010

The month of Alya

has officially begun and there is much to do!
First order of business, new hairdo...done and loving the bangs
Next, how to celebrate the last birthday before the BIG 40? I'm thinking a fab sushi dinner with my closest friends...

What to wear? I'm thinking something short and sparkly to match my new fab studs that I've been dying for and finally have and will never ever take off…thanks baby!

What to buy? I thinking anything shiny, furry, lacey, studded, leather, soft and stiletto-ish and maybe even a hat!  Anything by Balmain would totally do... 

and finally,
When to take time off for some much needed RnR? I’m thinking the last week in August so that September is not as depressing as it usually is...
Oh how I love August!

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