Thursday, August 12, 2010

What’s better than a discount fashion site?

A discount vacation site…I’m in love and can’t wait to book our next trip.
Thanks to my mom, I’m now a member and addict of, an invitation-only travel site that already has me hooked and in total vaca mode.

With over five million members in the UK, France, Italy, and Spain, they are now available to us in the US. and I for one am so psyched!

Each week, they carefully hand select and negotiate the most exclusive, high-end travel deals for its members at prices of up to 75% off. This week, the site is featuring deals from as far and exotic as The Vineyards of Cape Town, South Africa to as close as Downtown Boston.

Travel events are 5 day long and new sales open every day but since sales are limited and first come, first served and require membership to Voyage Privé, I’ve taken the liberty of inviting some of you already. It’s free and by invitation only so what are you waiting for? Either accepts my invite, let me know if you want access or click on this link
and start planning…sorry to break it to you but summer IS almost over.

Bon Voyage!

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