Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Feeling like a nerd

Not sure how it happened or why but I think I've turned into a nerd, nerds are the new sexy right!? Please say yes…
Aside from researching cloud computing and various collaboration and communication platforms during the week and cooking, cleaning, decorating and carving pumpkins all weekend, I did the unspeakable, for me that is, and actually cleaned out my closet. Gone are close to 30 pairs of pants and a few pairs of shoes…gonna have a heart attack just writing it but there you have it. They’re gone and mostly cause they’re too big on me…good, but also because I’m running out of closet space…bad. So I’ve decided to declutter, uncomplicate my life and invest in items that take up less room like jewelry? On my radar are these Lauren K
curved inside out hoops (-: Now I know who IS having a heart attack!
The truth is, I like being a nerd and I love to futz around the house. Nothing makes me happier than a clean house and an awesome smelling candle from Anthropologie. Friday night, I made
chili from the ground meat of a cow we bought from one of Phil’s patients. The chili was delicious and somehow knowing that it came from our cow made it that much better! Saturday, I cleaned and carved a pumpkin, redecorated and cleaned again...sexy stuff, I know but look how awesome it looks!
Ok, so what I need now is a day of non-nerd like activities and a place where most people have never heard of Google Docs or cloud computing or social media for that matter…the mall? South Beach? Speaking of South Beach, you can now shop HauteLook for more than just clothes and accessories.
They just launched HauteLook Getaways where you can find awesome deals on hotels and travel destinations all on one site and if you're not a member, let me know and I'll invite you. Right now, their events include the Venetian Las Vegas, The Standard in L.A., Hollywood, and Miami Beach as well as Paradise Point Resort & Spa in San Diego. Have fun and share your inner nerd if you dare…I’m off to Anthropologie!

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