Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The best thing I ever ate and...

the worst thing I ever saw all in one night!
Saturday night was date night and with Jacob happily entertained by Susan, the greatest babysitter on earth,  Phil and I decided to check out Peek-A-Boo Review, a burlesque show at World Cafe Live and the new Jose Garces place JG Domestic.  Well, what can I say, Garces has done it again.  The hickory smoked Georgia pecans were out of this world as was the wood oven flatbread with black truffle and shaved cheddar. 

The Lamb was great but not as good as my all time favorite Zahav but to be fair, that's a tough act to follow.  We also tried the lobster cappuccino, Brussels sprouts and a few other tasty treats that I quite honestly can't remember at this time as they were overshadowed by the pecan and bacon goodness.  Stuffed and happy we made it to World Cafe and were "lucky" to get seats in the very front.  
Oh man, this was the one time I regretted having front row seats!  Just check out the pictures and you will see what I'm talking about.  Large felt penis and angel wings anyone?

Anyway, the girls were cute-ish, the guys were well, not...and it all made me wonder.  When people ask them what they do for a living, what do they say?  I have a real job and often have a hard time communicating what it is that I do to people outside my industry so what do they say?  and, who are these people who are posting "Amazing" reviews all over the internet?  Probably the crazy chick that was sitting next to Phil who told us before the show began that this is the best thing she has ever seen in her life!  The "Hot Dickens Cider" did make it a bit more bearable. 

All in all it was a very fun night and, I walked away with a few action items; get a pair of crystal pasties,  cook up some maple pecans, enlist Jacob in a production we can take on the road cause clearly its not that hard and, write an honest review...Cheers!

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