Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I finally did it!

I finally told "Boris" the guy who has been soliciting /e-mailing me about marketing services that my name is NOT Alyce and if he is going to contact me to at least have the courtesy to use the correct name.
Normally, I would just delete this e-mail but it is the slowest week of the year and while I prepare of a new me in the new year, I felt that it was time to unleash the fury and school him.  The new me is going to tell it how it is, stay tuned...I personally can't wait for the new me!

Here is his response, should I feel bad? 
"My apologies Alya, it’s the name that was passed on to me by my Marketing Team. I’ll make the change in my CRM now. I have a cousin in Israel with the same name BTW…I like it a lot. Going to be going through the process of naming my first in 3 months and it’s on my list!"
"Do you have any interest in taking your lead generation to the next level with marketing automation like we offer?"

Oh no he didn't!?

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