Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Let's face it, we're not getting any younger

Just added more resolutions to my list but these are really important cause let's face it, none of us are getting any younger. Read on and tell me what you think?
Floss daily=weird but true; Flossing prevents gum + heart disease so preventing both of these together can add +6 years to your life!
Reduce volume on headset=No brainer/ will prevent hearing damage
See Dermatologist at least 1/year and check for moles=follow the "ABCD" rule; Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter, Elevation
Eat a healthy breakfast every day=skipping breakfast may lead to obesity so there, it is THE most important meal of the day!

Update vaccines=too much to list but you know the ones you need and if you don’t ask your doctor or, check out this website
Boost Omega 3's=It's no wonder they have been called "the miracle food of the 21st century.”  The benefits are huge from reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke to reducing symptoms of hypertension, depression, ADHD, joint pain and other rheumatoid problems. Did I mention smoother skin and helps with weight loss?  Knowing this, how can you not and, there so many ways to get it...walnuts, fruits, vegetables, coldwater fish or, supplements.

Get eyes checked at least annually and the older you get the more frequently

Drink at least 1 glass of wine/night=yes research shows this is good for your heart and can help cure diabetes but that’s not why I’m adding it. Just makes me happy and happy people make for happy moms & wives, see where I’m going with this?
Ok, this one sounded really crazy when I first heard it but it totally makes sense and so I'm adding it and gonna try it but not while having my nightly glass of wine(-;...Shave your face!
Men do it and ladies, we can all agree they age more gracefully than we do. It’s widely practiced by Japanese women who have amazing skin and it really is an anti-aging treatment that's been proven to be very effective.
Minimizes lines and wrinkles, exfoliates skin, and if you wear make-up, creates the perfect canvas for foundation and powder. It’s safe, can be done in the comfort of your own bathroom and unlike waxing, electrolysis, bleaching and lasers, it’s free!
So there, I said it and am sure will get comments galore about this but I'm no dummy; I want smoother, younger looking skin without the pain and cost of it all!
Plus, I just saved you a ton of $$$, how are you gonna spend it?

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