Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions revisited; Happy 2011!

Tis the season to set the New Year’s resolutions you’re sure to abandon but feel inclined to make cause that’s what New Years is all about.

Don’t blame the messenger, research shows that +45% of us make one or more resolutions each year with the top being about weight loss, exercise and stopping to smoke but 75% of us make it past the first week and 46% make it past six months. So you can imagine my surprise when I dug into my archives and revisited my 2010 resolutions.
Happy to report that I accomplished +80% of mine and think that makes for a very successful year!
Now, on to 2011 and since the goal was to keep adding to the list, here goes…
I would love to hear yours and will feature on AlyaBuzz if you’re cool with it. If you can’t respond in the blog, e-mail me @
1. Clean less and play more; this is kinda hard cause we just fired our ballet-dancing cleaner from Argentina
2. Which brings me to this resolution of finding a new cleaner.
Reality check: It took exactly 1 year but I finally hired someone…woohoo, hope they last!

3. Spend less time on phone when hanging out with my family and /or not working.
Reality check: Done but I think this should have been spend less time on computer and on social media. This is a good resolution to add to the list for 2011 although I’m not making any promises about the Social media part, I'm addicted!

4. Read more; at least 1 book/month =2 chapters on book #1 down…not looking promising!
Reality check: Should have been more realistic here but wait, do kids’ books count cause if they do, done and done! There is always 2011

5. Call my grandmother at least every-other day…see, it’s working already cause I just called her.
Reality check: Just called her again, maybe I should revisit my resolutions every other day?

6. Daily tell Phil and Jacob that I love them and they mean the world to me.
Reality check: If you ask Phil, NO but if you ask Jacob, well that’s another story…sorry Sherman, this is on top of my list for 2011!
7. Be nice to my parents and tell them how much I love and appreciate them...really need to work on this!
Reality check: Nothing has changed, still need to work on this but come on, I’m only human!

8. Take better care of myself;
a. Massages=Oh yeah, thanks to my Asian friends at The Green Garden, I’m complete here!
b. Vitamins daily=Could do better
c. Baby aspirin daily=Hmm, not so much
d. Teeth cleaned every 6 months=How else do you become Foursquare Mayor of a dental office I ask?…Done!
e. Whiten my teeth=Thank you Dr. Diaz (-;
f. Get a face peel=a definite carryover
g. Wear SPF=I’ve come a long way since the days of oil baking in the sun/daily and you should to!
h. Exercise at least 3 days/week =transform my body…hmmm
Reality check: My biggest accomplishment to date plus, ran my first 5K so if all else failed, this was a huge success! New goal is to run a 10K

9. Make more of an effort not to care about the small things and people…I pay way too much attention to this right now!
Reality check: It’s in the DNA, not sure I can do much about this but will try

10. Redirect my energy to more meaningful things
Reality check: does shopping count as meaningful?

11. Always have the following on me;
a. Tissues=nope, runny noses abound
b. Gum or breath mints=yup
c. Lipstick/Lip gloss=always
d. Cash=yes
e. My Amex=don’t leave home without it

12. Find a hobby and shopping doesn’t count
Reality check: I’m sure we can all agree that exercise is a hobby

13. Visualize a house on the beach and get it…maybe more of a long term plan?
Reality check: This is going on the “One day definitely list” but does a boat count? Need a name for my new baby, thinking “4 Play”?

14. Volunteer
Reality check: Yes, great work done with Greater Philadelphia Cares this year, another major accomplishment that I hope to continue into 2011

15. Work towards early retirement
Reality check: Get the feeling will be working on this one for a while; 5-4-3-2-1

16. Complete all unfinished projects around the house; fireplace, doors, master bath, etc. etc.

17. Never drink and Facebook; as evident by my New Year’s updates, I don’t have spellcheck on my Droid.

18. Grow AlyaBuzz to national status; yes, I’m taking oversharing to a whole new level in 2011!

19. Celebrate 40 in style!

20. Try my hardest not to look or act 40!
Happy 2011, may this year bring you all lots of love, health, wealth, style and happiness!!!AlyaBuzz

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  1. Hey Alya,

    I think you have listed some wonderful new years resolutions. And most of them are ones that we can all agree that we need to work on. My biggest new years resolution is to start taking more weekend vacation getaways. One weekend in Miami, another in Vegas. Also, I am on this weight loss kick so I want to continue down the road that I have already been traveling for some time now.

    I hope that you continue down your path and that you actually start completing some of those tasks. I wish you all the best in 2011 and the years to come.

    Take care,


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