Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For the first time in my life

I'm without a Passport.
Mine expires today and although I sent in for a replacement, a bit stressed now that we have Europe in April.
Which reminds me, there of course was drama on the last trip to Mexico, surprise surprise!
As we arrive at the airport and proceed to check in at the kiosk but the system doesn't recognize our reservations. Once, twice, nothing. So we go to the attendant and by attendant I mean the somewhat breathing human behind the desk who proceeds to take her sweet old time going through our travel docs only to tell me that my passport is due to expire within a week of us getting back and this may be a problem. Well, is it a problem or not? Thank god we were going to Mexico where just about anything goes and so it wasn't a problem but I now know what a mild heart attack feels like! Apparently some countries won’t allow you to enter if there is a slight chance that you will be delayed during which time your passport will expire. Good info to have at 5am as you’re about to begin a 2 week vaca with the family.
Anyway, we boarded and the flight couldn’t have been smoother but what a process to get a replacement…
Take a picture but not just any picture; it has to cost $15 otherwise, it's no good. Kidding but how is it that with digital technology, two 2x2 shots cost $15!?
Here's to getting my new passport on time and to no more surprises unless of course someone wants to surprise me with a shopping spree through Chanel…hint…hint (-:

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  1. I'm pretty sure that there is a way to put a rush on the passport process. May cost a bit more, but at least there is piece of mind... which may be worth the extra cash... :-)


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