Thursday, March 3, 2011

Something to aspire to

Check out Jacobs’s sensei Ish in his new project, a monthly reality series/documentary entitled “Rookie Chronicles”.

The show will highlight the teens of Martial Posture all throughout the year as they try to rank amongst the world’s Tricking Elite. It will follow their training and participation in Tricking events and competitions throughout the tri-state area. Tricking or Martial Arts Tricking is a relatively new underground sport that incorporates the flashy kicks of Martial Arts, the flips and twists of gymnastics, and the style and swagger of hip hop dance.

The first episode will premier this Spring but in the meantime, please support the project by liking both Stratosphere Apparel and Martial Posture Studio on Facebook.

Like Stratosphere here:
Like Martial Posture here:
Also, you can subscribe to Stratosphere Apparels youtube page at, which also contains the first sneak peek of the Rookie Chronicles.

Now that's something to aspire to for my little Purple belt!

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