Friday, March 18, 2011

What hair color goes with boredom?

I mean 40...
In my 20’s I used to color my hair for fun but now that 40 is right around the corner and sprinkles of silver…not gray, silver are making an appearance, I need to give this subject some serious thought so...what's the take on hair color. If you're a brunette like I am, do you go for a subtle change so no one notices or, if you're a Leo like I am, do you go for a complete Wow, who are you and what have you done with Alya transformation?
I think I would look silly as a blonde but am totally willing to try it and, it might spice things up a bit too if you know what I mean!? Looking for suggestions but kinda loving Jennifer Lopez’s hair color these days so maybe that’s a nice compromise.
Also, home color or salon? I’m a do-it-yourselfer on all accounts but if I go lighter, could I be looking at a complete disaster?
If they could only bottle Jacob's golden that would be heaven!

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