Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finally getting our bearings

You know that feeling when you just start to get your bearings and kinda know where you’re going and just then, your trip is about to come to an end? Well, this is the day and it’s also the day we decide to venture outside the immediate tourist area and go see something new and since we’ve never been, Dino suggests we check out Greenwich.
So of course we have another outstanding breakfast, get our marching orders and set out for another day of exploring. With the underground tube and above ground train, the journey there is fun but once we get there well, it’s just OK.
The Greenwich Market is scarce with nothing more than a few trinkets and food stands opened.
Sure there is tons of historical stuff to see and learn but by this point, we are really kinda done and are itching for Paris. We have a bite to eat at the market, and while I hop in and out of stores, the boys have some fun walking the grounds of The Old Royal Naval College, The National Maritime Museum and stroll up to the Royal Observatory.
The village of Greenwich has scatterings of quirky clothes and furniture shops and the Greenwich Market runs on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday which is probably why it was so quite the day we visited.
Anyway, it was more about exploring the unknown and now that we’ve done that, we are complete and proceed to board the Thames Clipper and head back along the river to the Tower of London.
This place is cool and will definitely be a stop the next time we’re in London and Jacob is a bit older.
Now, we just want to explore our home turf and stroll along until we hit Soho which to me is the coolest of all the London hoods and, where we are staying. We shop, drink coffee, see what there is to see and head home for a few minutes of relaxation before heading out to dinner.
So now dinner is memorable and worth discussing not only because it’s the first time we go out for Indian food but because it is the BEST Indian food we’ve ever had.
Dishroom is somewhat traditional but with a tapas twist but since we are by no means experts in the cuisine, we leave the ordering to our waiter and try everything from the Lamb Tikka Roomali Rolls to the Ruby of the Day and Vegetable Biryani.
I have no idea what most of these dishes are but it doesn’t really matter, we Sherman’s eat everything and ate everything that was placed in from of us…I still dream about this meal!

So Day 4 has officially come to an end and while we roll back to our hotel, we plan out our last and final day in London.

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