Monday, April 25, 2011

Feeling like a Local

Ok so by now we are feeling like locals and after another delicious brekkie and these lovely cocktails courtesy of Asia De Cuba,
we set out for day number 3. This time, we are set on seeing the changing of the guards but by the time we dilly dally and walk a few blocks in the wrong direction, we are too late and so we change gears and head towards Buckingham Palace, THE place to be 2 weeks before the Royal Wedding. On the way to the palace and, at the recommendation of our concierge, we check out The Churchill Museum and there is a reason why this is an award winning institution.
With its unique historic Cabinet War Rooms
and cutting-edge technology,
this is a rare and significant museum and not to be missed on your next trip! They say to allow 90 minutes but I would suggest at least 3 hrs. Trust me, its well worth the time and you will learn a ton.

We leave the museum and make our way down the Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial Walk which is a seven-mile-long walk, which crosses St James's Park, Green Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens and is charted by 90 plaques set in the ground, and along the way.
The surroundings are breathtaking and we stop for a little R’n’R while Jacob ID's and stalks…I mean feeds, the Royal pigeons and geese.
From here we enter the Buckingham Place lawn in full bloom
and in full action of TV reporters chatting about the upcoming festivities and
there is much hubbub from flags being erected to the Paparazzi bleachers being set up along the path by which Kate and William will take on the day of.
We linger around, take tons of pictures and then head to Harrods for a little lunch and some shopping?!
Finally, I’m here and after salivating over the food and all the tasty confections in the Food Court,
we have a quick lunch and
I’m off!!! But what do I do but make the grave mistake of going across the street to Top Shop and buy a few trinkets before returning to the heavenly Harrods to meet the boys.
We buy some souvenirs/tea…typical, a few chocolates and
I leave nose prints on all the cases as we head out the door to get home for a quick change and dinner.
So day 3 is almost over and I have 2 cocktail rings and 2 boxes of Harrods tea to call my own…lame!
So shopping is not what this trip was to be about but eating certainly was and we proceed to have another memorable meal at Opera Tavern, a Spanish tapas restaurant in Covent Garden where by the looks of things, is THE place to dine.
We start with the Nocellara de Belice Olives, Marcona Almonds and Mini Ibérico Pork and Foie Gras Burgers
and I’m pretty sure we ordered the Jamón Ibérico de Bellota but Jacob was too quick for us and it was gone in seconds!
After the Charcuterie and cheese plate there were other delicacies but I’m far too hungry right now to remember what they were.
Bottom line is that you must add this place to your list and with a bottle of wine, you’re day as ours, would be complete but not before one last stop for some ice cream at The Icecreamists.
What appeared to be an S&M Shoppe but is actually known as the place that offers ‘dangerous’ breast milk ice cream to customers, the Icecreamists is a punk rockers ice cream dream come true and so we stop, eye and savor until
everyone is happy and completely satisfied and at midnight, day 3 comes to an end in London.


  1. Loving the day by day tour of Europe! Great pics! Can't wait to see Paris!!!

  2. Thanks John, makes me want to go back and do it all over again!

  3. Us too! Specially after seeing all those great pics!


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