Sunday, April 3, 2011

The most beautiful things on me!

I'm not quite sure how to describe this site, you just have to experience it for yourself but all I can say is that it's like eye candy for anyone who appreciates beautiful things from antique, mid-century modern furniture to estate jewelry and haute couture. The price tags on most items make them only drool worthy about but if you’re looking for something truly special and have a few extra shekels, this is one amazing destination.
1stDibs covers the marketplace for rare, expensive, and beautiful items like this incredible "Crosswinds" Console by Michael Coffey
this hot Chanel black leather Bustier and Mini, Circa 1990
and how about this diamond Flower Vine Necklace by Rebecca Koven…could you die?
I could go on and on but check it out for yourself, sign up for their weekly e-mails to get updates on new items and the Saturday Shopping Sale plus, if you get a chance, go to the Philadelphia Antique Show happening right here Saturday, April 8-12 at The Navy Yard.
I can’t believe we’re going to be away but who am I kidding, it will just be a big tease to see these treasures live!

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