Monday, April 4, 2011

The files are in the computer

Unless you live under a rock or, have decided to completely disassociate yourself from the real world, you must and I say must, get an email address! Who doesn’t you ask? Well, that’s what I though until I recently tried to email a group of people and when a good % of them didn’t respond well first, I naturally went to the dark side and wrote them off but then, found out that they didn’t have email. Seriously?
First, it’s no denying that this is how most people prefer to communicate; just try calling me and there is a good chance I will not answer. Second, it’s the most efficient way to communicate especially with a large group of people and Third, GET an eMail! If you have children, you have no excuse and I can honestly say that they will think you are a SQUARE if you don’t have one plus, there is a good chance they have one plus a Facebook account, and are Tweeting and are on Foursquare and on SCVNGR and on…get the picture?

I just found this great whitepaper that speaks to the 21st Century Learner and although that’s not you, it is your kid… these are students that are “shaped by their environment and the environment they are exposed to is media rich, immediate, fast, engaging, dynamic and instant. It is electronic and digital, it is a communication medium with instant gratification.” So when you are wondering why you’re not connecting with your child, look to where you are and where they are and get on the same level.
Yesterday, a very excited mom ran over to tell me that the email I sent her was "in her bag"! Yes, she had just gotten an iPhone (dangerous) and an email account (double dangerous) and literally pointed to her bag in which she had her phone and said, “I have your email right in here” I almost died laughing but it reminded me of my favorite Zoolander scene, "The Files are IN the Computer!" but guess what, now she is connected and can begin communicating with people outside her cul-de-sac!
So now that we have established that you MUST have an email address, I need to move on to issue/pet peeve #2, Email etiquette. Respond to emails!!! If someone sends you a message, they are trying to communicate with you so have the decency to respond. If they were talking to you, would you ignore them? Well, some people would but if that’s who you are, you probably shouldn’t have email or a phone or any other means of communicating other than a dove. We all know someone who responds to every e-mail that they like but fall off the face of the earth when there is something said that they don’t agree with. We know you’re reading them so respond…it’s the least you can do! The best is when the person only responds when they have to point out a mistake, yes we all know one of those and yes, you’re right/I’m wrong…move on!
Oh yeah and if you’re new to emailing, sending jokes is so yesterday so stop, we’ve seen them  and just because they are new to you, they are annoying to us.
Ok, I’m done and so had to get this off my chest cause it’s sooo annoying having one sided conversations and so don't let this be one and let me know what you me!


  1. Wow! Really hard to believe that some people do not have an email account these days! Me? I have three email accounts: my real email account and two "fake" email accounts that I use when I have to input it into something that I know will generated junk mail... :-)

    To the point of people not replying for days to an email: it reminds me of the equivalent of the old days of snail mail. It would take three to four days for the recipient to get the letter and three to four days to get a letter back!!! I do hate when people cannot take a few seconds to at least acknowledge an email.

    So, I'll be sending you an email in a few... LOL! :-)

  2. What a smart idea, multiple accounts to counteract spam...I like it cause I get a ton of spam!

  3. I used to! Now I have a couple of gmail accounts that I just check once in while so it stays active. :-)


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