Thursday, April 28, 2011

Paris, I have arrived!

Day 1 in Paris and I just can’t hold back my excitement!
Unlike London, in Paris we decide to experience the city like locals and rent an awesome little flat in the Marais. Rue Rambuteau in the 4th Arrondissement turns out to be a great little street that’s full of patisseries, cafes, markets and more. This is the view from our window...Centre Pompidou
Our fresh fruit and vegetable market
The entrance to out apt
and our Boulangerie Pâtisserie, Legay Choc, the best pastry shop in le Marais.  Check out their website for the penis shaped creations (-:

We arrive at our new home and it’s cute, clean and in the most perfect location but since it’s already 8pm, there is little time to relax cause we’re in Paris and who can stay in when you’re in Paris so we drop off our bags and go out to grab dinner and explore our new neighborhood. We are all exhausted so we pick the first lively café we come across and it happens to be at the foot of the Centre Pompidou and packed with people smoking, eating and having a great time.
This is what the table looks like when we sit down but while this would be totally gross and inappropriate in the States, I find it very fitting and can't wait for more of whats to come.
Jacob is ready to crash but stays awake long enough for a quick dinner of foie gras, chocolat chaud and café…I have arrived and can't wait for the morning!
 Bonne nuit

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