Monday, June 13, 2011

What do you get a Dad who

has everything but never a good nights sleep?
The "Go the F@#k to Sleep" book of course!
Now before you call Child Protective Services, let’s be clear: This book is written and illustrated in the tradition of a child’s bedtime book but, it’s not at all meant for kids but for us...the frustrated, sleep deprived parents.
Written by Adam Mansbach, "Go the F@#k to Sleep" was not scheduled to be released until October but due to all the online buzz, is available now and just in time for Father's Day.
Here's a sneak peek inside and although ours is a profanity-free home, I had to laugh and could totally relate!(-:
"Go the F@#k to Sleep" has gone viral, which is only fitting considering that Mansbach was inspired to write it after posting the idea as a joke on Facebook; his 2 year old daughter Vivian used to take two hours to go to sleep...been there my friends!
According to reviews, it’s "laugh-out-loud funny, capturing perfectly the seemingly endless bedtime routine all parents have endured: the requests for one more story, a glass of water, another bathroom trip, a different teddy bear. It juxtaposes the sweet words we say to our kids on such a night with what we’re really thinking in our heads."

Amen and now I have to ask, who will write the "Stay the F@#k Asleep" book?


  1. LOL!!! Funniest blog entry that I've read so far! Sooooo happy that we've graduated from that era!

    Maybe you should write the sequel "Stay the F@#k Asleep")!

    We might be writing the "Get a F@#king job and stop asking for money" book. Or the "Can you PLEASE put some gas in the car when you take my f#&#2@!*ing car" encyclopedia... ;-)

  2. I love it John, the content is neverending...let's do it!

  3. Hahaha!!! We might make a lot of money!

  4. Then maybe this blog will finally pay off!!!


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