Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Paris, I Louvre you!

I’m sure you’re wondering why it’s taking me so long to get through Paris but I’m intentionally taking my time and reliving the entire experience all over again and it’s wonderful!  1200 pictures from Paris alone, I’m also a bit overwhelmed but here goes Day 4…WOW, it has been over 2 months since we’ve been back, man I am slow!
This morning was no different when it came to breakfast but as soon as we stepped onto our street, Jacob was hungry? Good thing Legay Choc was right downstairs and you can’t even imagine the sandwich that Jacob ordered…a warm double hotdog smothered in cheese and mustard surrounded by a fresh crispy and warm baguette.  Yes, I tried it and would do it again and again!
Today we were Louvre bound with plans to end the day with dinner with our Parisian friends who live in the 6 Arr.  Unlike my first trip to the Louvre when Phil told me that “it will be a quick 10 min in and out” we spent a good part of the day marveling at the many treasures within.

From the Egyptian Antiquities 
to the Venus de Milo 
The Winged Victory of Samothrace
and the Mona Lisa
where I literally had to shove Jacob into the crowd not so much that he could see it but so that I could get a picture of him looking at it, it was an exhausting but rewarding experience.

As we made our way towards our rendezvous spot near Le Panthéon, we were excited to come across Rue Jacob; now this is where Jacob decided he would live if we moved to Paris! 

Aside from the flight and accommodations, this trip was all about unplanned adventures and uncovering the many wonders along the way that we just happen to come across but nothing could have prepared us for what we experienced when we stepped onto Boulevard Saint-Germain.  Thousands upon thousands of skaters streaming down the boulevard for what looked like a kaleidoscope of sight and sound.

We stopped and stared in awe and later found out that this has become quite the event in Paris organized by Pari Roller, http://www.pari-roller.com/index.php?p=101.

The event that began in 1994, may be the biggest weekly skating event in the world and the Friday Night Fever-filled activity attracts as many as 35,000 skaters and how lucky are we to have witnessed the three hour phenomena?
Exhilarated from the experience we moved on and found ourselves on Rue de Buci, an exciting little street of
various shops 
and restaurants one of which we decided that we would most definitely return to since we were en route to meet Jeannie, Phil’s friend who has been living in Paris since college…luck girl!  We met Jeanne in front of Le Panthéon and it was nice to finally meet someone I’ve been sending Holiday cards to for the past 10 years. We stopped for what was probably the best Italian gelato outside of Italy

and strolled into Jardin du Luxembourg where Jacob experienced something very Parisian and something pretty unforgettable for me at least (-:  For those with children and who want to give their child a very French childhood memory, you can rent these beautiful and oh so colorful little boats that can be sailed in the pond within the gardens and so
Phil and Jacob carefully selected and sent their green, blue and white sailboat to pond only to chase it around for a few minutes until they both had had enough. 

Jacob once again faced the beast as he entered the playground of 2 days and 1 bad booboo ago and as he played, we got acquainted with Jeannie’s husband Stéphane.
New BFF's?
A few hours later, we found ourselves at their very Parisian apartment and the boys, young and old, played and chatted while the girls drank wine and prepared dinner…so French!

We dined on duck and garlic potatoes, polished off 3 bottles of wine and ended the meal with cheese. Have I mentioned how much I love this country!!!
We then decided that since we were denied the climb up le Tour Eiffel, we would go to the place where we could see it and the entire city in lights and since it was already 9pm, we bid our adieus and headed for Montparnasse where we took the elevator to the 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower and in just 38 seconds, were engulfed by one of the most fantastic panoramic views you could ever imagine.
200 metres above the ground we made ourselves comfortable at Le Bar American located in the highest restaurant in all of Europe, Le Ciel de Paris. This was a great treat for Jacob who got to see the Light show that goes on every 15 minutes and so we sat and sipped wine and juice and enjoyed the fantastic views of the Eiffel Tower and beyond fully getting why Paris IS the City of Lights!

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  1. I feel like I'm back in Paris through your great pics! Keep them coming!


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