Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jacob the Great

Like most parents...I think, we want to know every little detail about our child’s day and like most kids...I'm pretty sure, they give us bupkus /zero/zilch.  So with the lazy days of summer in full swing, no homework on the horizon and no way to keep tabs on Jacob while he’s at camp, we came to a deal. Jacob is all about deals these days and so after a few weeks off, we agreed that he would write 2 sentences each evening about his day. 
First, it will keep him on track to entering 1st grade without forgetting everything he learned in Kindergarten and second, and most self-serving, is that we get something.  Some little bit of information that will open a window into the free living world of camp plus, we got tired of asking “how was your day?” and getting “fine.”  So, we’re a few weeks into it and he is being very cooperative, even enjoying it a bit I think cause it relieves some of the pressure of having to remember and recount each and every detail but…here is what I came home to yesterday (-:
Wonder how much longer until I get redirected to his FB page or his Blog for more information?
I know you guys have funny stories to share about your kids so fire away!


  1. Ha! This is great! your new paper-blogger! You're gonna have to follow him om twitter soon! And you know that he's gonna want an iPad soon!!!

  2. He has an iPad and he is not afraid to use it. You will appreciate this. The other day I was checking into a place via Foursquare and got excited cause I won the Mayorship so Jacob says, "I'm going to check in, I want to be the Mayor" so I ask, "the Mayor of what? He says, "The Mayor of Friendship!" LOL

  3. LOL!!! That is funny! Well, I'm sure he'll be blogging, Foursquaring, FBing and emailing soon! :-)


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