Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why it pays to be persistent and to

Tweet and Tweet and Tweet...
In September 2009, I told you guys about my beautiful new ottoman that got marked up by a tray that I had purchased at Williams Sonoma Home.
Well, I returned the tray, had the ottoman professionally cleaned and all along was trying to get W&S to take responsibility for what had happened.  I wrote letters, got someone from the store to come out and look at it, called the store and left multiple messages for the manager.  All to no avail and until, it just didn't seem worth the time and aggravation and so, I gave up until...
I became addicted to Twitter and decided to Tweet about my experience.  Within an hour, customer service was Tweeting me back asking for more information.  Mind you this was almost 2 years after the fact but, I resent all the letters and receipt for the cleaning and guess what?  Today, to my surprise, there was a check for the total amount in my mailbox!
Ok, there is no question that I totally ROCK but, how can you deny the power of Twitter and the voice it has given us, consumers?
I'm still in search for the perfect tray so if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear from you but remember to Rock the power and use Twitter for good, not evil...I did!

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