Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Know the feeling when

it hurts just to sit down?
Yeah, that's where I am today thanks to the totally awesome but extremely difficult pole dancing class I took yesterday.
You kicked my butt but I'll be back for more!
For the record, this is the opposite of what I looked like up there or, I should say, down there...


  1. Do you go often? It must be hard. Do any guys (Phil) take that class? ;-)

  2. It was my first time and this class was just women but, they do offer a co-ed and male only class. Just the though of Phil climbing the pole makes me LOL!
    Wanna try it?

  3. LOL! Of course I was kidding about guys doing the class, but... I guess I shouldn't be surprised! Me try it? I'll wait for Phil to do a few classes first... :-)

    P.S.: I think he would look GREAT!

  4. I think he would look great (-: better at it than me. How sad is that?


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