Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MLK according to Jacob

Monday, as we were getting ready to start our day of fun and relaxation, my mom and I questioned Jacob if he knew what Martin Luther King stood for and why we were remembering him.
He proceeded to say, “But of course I know and let me explain”
“See, you Mama for example have dark skin and I, have light skin and it's because of MLK that we can now be together.”  “Before MLK, people like you couldn’t sit together or play together and…with people like me”
Now at this point I was fighting back the tears and I know, there is nothing worse than laughing at a child who is passionately explaining what he has learned and believes to be true but especially, there is nothing worse than laughing at Jacob…he hates it!
So I learned two very important lessons on Monday; Jacob, who doesn't see skin color in a city and a school that resembles the UN, sees me and him to be of different races and, I better cut back on the bronzer!

I died (of laughter) and naturally, had to share.


  1. Jacob found the good-humored meaning of History

  2. Jacob found the good-humor in history!

  3. Wow Alya! That had me laughing from the beginning! Super cute and smart! Very aware of his surroundings! Love it! Go Jacob!


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