Friday, April 27, 2012

Two New Kids on the Block!

Finally, after multiple failed boutiques, restaurants and mysterious “private” nightclubs, we are getting not one but two awesome new hot spots to call our own.
Vernick Food & Drink and La Petite Dauphine both look close to completion and I, for one, can’t wait!
Vernick is expected to open mid-April and from the photos that I took this morning, looks ready for ShowTime...Hello, isn't NOW mid-April?
The Chef/Owner Greg Vernick was inspired by his world travels and has said, “We want this restaurant to feel like the vibrant cafes that my wife Julie and I visited in Europe, a place where guests can casually stop by to relax while enjoying great food and drink without a lot of fuss.”
Yes Please!
The menu looks yummy and will feature globally-inspired dishes that fall under a range of categories from small snacks to sumptuous larger plates.  Plus, it will have raw bar selections and “Simply Roasted” platters that will be served family style.  Housemade sodas, classic cocktails, wines by the glass and locally brewed beers will wet guests appetites.  Selections will change seasonally to capitalize on the freshest flavors in the area.
What I’m most and least excited about are the large windows that will open out to Walnut Street during warm months.  Good for when we are there but sucks for when we are home cause if the Irish Pub is any indication, we will be able to hear each and every conversation happening on the ground so, be nice and keep it down...

Right next door at 2029 Walnut, Le Bec-Fin alum David Smith is opening La Petite Dauphine.
A new upscale BYOB coffee shop/cafe will stress luxury and will be open 7 AM to 10PM serving baked goods from Au Fornil in Narberth in the morning and a limited menu for the rest of the day including classic French favorites like foie gras, quiche, and tartes.  Afternoon tea will be served all weekend, and an expanded dinner menu will be added later this year.  The name La Petite Dauphine is a reference to Marie Antoinette before she became the Queen of France and while the address has been home to some unsuccessful concepts, the pavillion royal du France flag flying in front is sure to give the salon space a more aristocratic air than it had when it was Strongbox.

Je suis très enthousiaste!!!

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