Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Man, where was WikiHow when

I was a teenager dealing with all the typical teenage BS like...
How to Write a Research Paper...boring!
How to make-out?!
Probably not something you could or would ever ask your parents, may not want to ask your friends but, may search on a site like and voilà!
Did you know that it's a 7-step process???  Fascinating, I learn something new every day!

I know, this was too rich not to share but it's all there and so much more!
Yes, I registered because that's what a good journalist does...
So, imagine if Wikipedia + Yahoo! Answers had a confused, wayward, know-it-all child = wikiHow, the self-appointed "world's collaborative how to manual."
wikiHow has been ranked by Quantcast as the 150th most popular website and claims to have over 35 million visitors a month +1 today (-: 
What?  I need to know what's what before I write about it and you know what, it's pretty entertaining and chock-full of useless? information that, at one point, you either watched on an episode of Seinfeld or, wondered yourself.
Go ahead, give it a try, you know you want to...Browse Articles by Category or, just search on a key word.
Wanna know how to Make Watermelon Jello Shots? 
How to Start Your Own Country?
I would have so much fun designing my flag!
How to Prepare for a Spy Mission?
I like this one cause Step #1 is "You need to wear something dark"
Better yet, use it for the real reason 35 million girls...I mean users are using learn
How to be the popular girl at the party?
How to Make a Man Fall in Love with You?
And then, there's a headache-inducing amount of guides dedicated to being likeable, like "How to Be a Girl Everyone Likes"
This is a 15-step process accompanied by pictures and I especially like step #6, "Be a little random and spontaneous."
As a matter of fact, I exercised that same step yesterday and guess what...not so good!
So, take this for what it is and what it is is a great way to waste an afternoon reading how to do stuff leaving little time to actually doing it.
Gonna go and look up how to write a blog that everyone likes, reads and RESPONDS to...hint hint!

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