Tuesday, June 5, 2012

OK, I'll confess

I've read 2.5 of the Fifty Shades of Grey books and, although not brilliant writing by any means, have enjoyed them all!
Part of the reason?  Well, the obvious stuff that I can't discuss on a PG-13 blog of course but also, trying to imagine who could bring the characters to life?
A friend told me that the online buzz was that this guy would be the perfect Christian and
although he is easy on the eyes, I vote for...Matt Bomer
Not sure who I see as Anastasia but as long as it's not Kristen Stewart, I'll tune in!
What do you guys think...I know you read it so come on, talk to me!


  1. I didn't read it... But what is wrong with Kristen Stewart???

  2. She is just not my favorite...you like her?

  3. Uhhh... Yeah! I mean, she is cute.


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