Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Birthday to be remembered

and a husband to be recognized!
Not sure how I got this lucky but I did and instead of questioning, need to make sure I don't take it for granted or, forget to Thank the most amazing man I know!  THANKS BABY!!!
I took the day off with the goal of doing only the things that make me happy like; start the day with a latte and a croissant on the balcony, shop till I drop, have a mid-day Frappuccino and end the day with dinner with my boys.  Little did I know that my boys already had plans for me!
I was greeted by a morning latte and croissant-check!
and 3 envelopes...
Hmmm, have I mentioned how much I love surprises?  Clearly I did cause I had a day full of them!
The first envelope contained a Birthday card...no need to detail its contents here.
The second envelope I had to wait till 6pm to open...Oooh, this was good but left me a bit nervous cause I had to get back in time and so the day of shopping had to be perfectly orchestrated to avoid traffic and all other possible distractions! -I am easily distracted especially when it comes to shopping...
Envelope #3 stated that I open it at 7:15...How Exciting, a day to myself spent thinking and wondering what was in store?!
Of course I made it home in time to open envelope #2 that instructed me to pour a glass of wine, get undressed and put on a robe...Can you say Done and Done!
As soon as Socks and I settled into our chaise lounge, the doorbell rang and my personal masseur stepped in!
After an hour of kneading this and rubbing that, I was ready for envelope #3 that instructed me to get another glass of wine, shower and change into something Formal...FAST!
I somehow managed to pull it off-almost-before the doorbell rang with Surprise #2!   

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  1. This is really cool! Phil did good. :-) Glad it was a great day for you and him! :-)


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