Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to lose 10lbs...

I mean one day!
After days of agonizing, I did it...cut my hair, all 10+ inches and it's sitting here in a baggy ready to be shipped to Locks of Love.
Went to Salon Vanity by Edmondo Blando on a recommendation and so glad I did!  Not only did it win Best of Philly 2012 Women’s Haircut but also, they had just held a Locks of Love event that I unfortunately missed...good to know for next year!?

My new hairdresser, Jennie, measured my locks to make sure that I had the prerequisite 10" required to donate...
 and it turned out that I had not one but 2 pony tails worth of hair!
I came fully prepared with pictures of the style I wanted and after a bit of back and forth I finally said..."give me city chic, not suburban mom and Jennie's response?  That's ALL you had to say!!
After all said and done, I felt great about what I did and love the new me...
Having a fab birthday party to attend was the icing on the cake as I got to show off my new look to a room of very discriminating customers!

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