Monday, January 28, 2013

Are You Ready For The 25 Most Expensive Stores

in the United States?
When I first moved to NYC to begin my somewhat short-lived and oh so miserable retail career, I worked at what was then considered to be one of the most exclusive and expensive stores in the world.  Bijan was a Fifth Avenue, appointment-only boutique and it wasn't unusual for a Sheikh or Prince of some Arab country to arrive and drop hundreds of thousands in one visit.  Needless to say that when they insisted on training me in how to serve tea "the customary way" my designer boutique career ended.

Bijon the designer has since passed but his boutique remains open by appointment only on Rodeo Drive and thus, doesn't appear on this list but...whether you are one of the proprietary data collected from 20 million Visa and Mastercard holders or, just dream of shopping till you drop...tons of $$$ that one of the most pricey boutiques you can find in the 50 states of America, here is the list but before you scroll down, can you guess #1?  
I was surprised!
25. Prada, New York City: $1,429 per visit.pradaside.jpeg
24. Saks Jandel, Chevy Chase, Maryland: $1,457 per visit.Saks_Jandel%281%29.jpg
23. Escada, Beverly Hills: $1,466 per visit.1-storefront7.jpeg
22. Vera Wang Bridal House, New York City: $1,493 per visit.1345063770_s_MadisonAve.jpeg
21. A'Marees, Newport Beach, Rhode Island: $1,498 per visit.AMarees_12.2011_03.jpg
20. Morris & Sons, Chicago: $1,507 per visit.morrisnsons.jpeg
19. Kleinfeld Bridal, New York City: $1,508 per visit.kleinfeld.jpeg
18. Bottega Vaneta, Manhasset: $1,562 per visit.lp-hero-bottega-veneta-1.jpg
17. Wilkes Bashford, San Francisco: $1,564 per visit.wilkesbashford.jpeg
16. Dolce & Gabbana, Beverly Hills: $1,595 per visitD%26G.jpeg
15. Marissa Collections, Naples, Florida: $1,608 per visit.marissacollection.jpeg
14. Chloe, New York City: $1,673 per visit.chloeUSE.jpeg
13. Ascot Chang, New York City: $1,752 per visit.ascotchang.jpeg
12. Lanvin, New York City: $1,787 per visit.lanvin_newyork.jpg
11. Tom Ford, New York City: $1,797 per visit.ITom-Ford-store-frontMG_2569.jpg
10. Alexander McQueen, New York City: $1,847 per visit.alexmcqueen.jpeg
9. Savannah, Santa Monica: $1,970 per visit.savannah.jpeg
8. Blake, Chicago: $2,008 per visit.blake.jpeg
7. Brunello Cucinelli, New York City: $2,032 per visit.brunello-cucinelli-US.jpg
6. Chanel, New York City: $2,155 per
5. Maxfield, Los Angeles: $2,258 per visit.Maxfield.jpg
4. Akris, New York City: $2,649 per visit.Akris-Window-Installation.jpg
3. Loro Piana, Boston: $2,818 per visit.loropiana.jpeg
2. Georgio Armani, New York City: $2,881 per visit.armani.jpeg
And the most expensive store in American scores a whopping average of $3,217 per shopper per shopping trip...Oscar de la Renta, New York City!
Thanks to Racked for the awesome roundup and Shop On!

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