Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Google Glass and Fashion?

This Fashionista comme Geek says Yes Please!
What could be better than the fusion of Fashion and Technology?  That's right...Nothing! and Diane von Furstenburg has taken it to the next level!

Google Glass -the eagerly-anticipated, Internet-connected tech-specs being developed by Google -have been all over the place in the past few months: They've gone skydivingthey've been trampolining; they've even strutted their stuff on the catwalk during New York Fashion Week.
Now, we can add one more venture to the Google Glass activity log: cameraman.
Google has released a short film about Diane von Furstenburg -the legendary fashion designer who incorporated sets of Google Glass into her Fashion Week show -which uses only footage recorded on the Glass camera before, during and after the DVF NYFW show.
You can watch the video below (and look out for the Sergey Brin cameo!):
Says Google about the film in the YouTube (natch) description:
Experience the DVF Spring 2013 show at New York Fashion Week through the eyes of the people who made it happen—the stylists, the models and Diane von Furstenberg herself. All the footage you see here was filmed using only Glass, Google's latest technology that lets you capture moments from a unique, new perspective. See what happens when fashion and technology come together like you've never seen before.
Though DVF seems enchanted by Google's Glass, others are more skeptical: A high-profile early review of the next-gen spectacles in the Wall Street Journal by Spencer Ante this past week notably called the futuristic glasses "not ready for the real world yet."
What do you think?


  1. WOW!!!!!!

    I want a pair! I felt like I was Diane von Furstenburg. Talk about a POV!!!

  2. I know right...Me too!!
    Wouldn't it be fun to put on an animal like a dog or cat and see things from their perspective?

  3. Or imagine Jacob wearing for a day, like at school! That would be so cool!!!

  4. Also awesome! That way it's a cool gadget for him and I get to spy on!
    I can think of many great applications...we should all get a pair!


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