Sunday, January 6, 2013

I have the most

interesting and eclectic group of friends and...I love it!
My awesomely fab friend Terressa is case in point but where do I begin?
Not only is she super cool and when I say super cool I mean she is a talented performer...ever heard of Shorty No Mas?
She just started her own blog appropriately called My Fancy Life that you must add to your list of blogs to follow...
My Fancy Life
And now, she is involved in a new project that I just had to share, a documentary about...are you ready for it!? Strippers!

Got your attention yet?
Watch the trailer below and be on the lookout for the pilot and app launching soon!
Want more? 
Once they hit 500,000 views they promise new footage so watch the hottest new reality show now and share with know you want to!!!


  1. I will be reading!

  2. Your the best! It was you who actually inspired me to do a blog!!! I just hope I can keep it up as well as you do! #wishmeluck Cant wait to see you!

    1. She is good this Alya person... isn't she... ;-)

  3. Thanks guys, I love that I can inspire...Awesome!!!


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