Sunday, January 6, 2013

Learn to love the

Stay warm and fashionable while keeping up with my social media obsession on the go?
Yes Please!
Well, let me tell you about my newest favorite accessory and while it's not by any designer you've ever heard of, I'm loving how they look, feel and function!
I got these Agloves as a gift from my friends at Mesmerize and was so excited to learn that in addition to being cute; they are after all black and silver...
They are super warm due to the silver threading that provides natural thermal conductivity to even out temperatures in your hand...this is obviously NOT me but I would totally do this in these gloves!
And finally, let's just for once talk function and so, in our touchscreen world, these are a god sent with 10 finger functionality that really works! 

That, and the fact that I've had countless people stop me in the street to ask about them, make these gloves a winner in my winter fashion file right next to my UGGs!
Can you say perfect timing?  With winter in full force, you should definitely check them out but here are the highlights.
Agloves, With Agloves, we did not just “improve” on existing touch screen gloves, instead we studied how capacitive screens work and used the best scientific research to create a whole new kind of glove. The secret is the silver yarn knitted into the entire glove. Agloves design provides Gear Diary readers with a number of benefits that they previously have not seen in one glove.
  • Ten-finger conductivity. Wearer can operate full size touch screen keyboards, like Ipads, that require more than two fingers to operate.
  • Effective cold weather. For capacitive touch screens to work, tiny amounts of moisture, salts, and oils on your skin must be present to create conductivity allowing electrons to flow between you and your device. When the tips of your fingertips are not conductive enough due to dryness and cold, some gloves stop working. With Agloves, the bioelectricity from the palm of your hand can flow through the glove to your fingertips and maintain your connection.
  • Warm. How can lightweight gloves be warm? Silver provides natural thermal conductivity to even out temperatures in your hand. It traps infrared radiation generated by the body keeping the wearer warmer in cold weather. Can be a stand alone glove or a glove liner.
  • Precision and accuracy. Agloves utilizes a blend of lightweight yarns with just the right amount of spandex so that the gloves are snug on your fingertips. The whole hand conductivity gives fingertips even more conductive umph so that for some people, texting is even easier.
  • Simple and elegant. These are attractive everyday, unisex gloves that happen to work brilliantly with touch screens.
  • Are washable...yeah!

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