Wednesday, February 6, 2013

7 Layer Vegan Delight

Who says that a meat lover can't whip up a delicious vegan dish and learn to love it too?
The other night as Jacob and I were devouring my Rosemary Chicken and Phil was pouring over his vegetable soup, he dared me to make him a vegan dish and, never being one to walk away from a dare (I mean being the good wife that I am)...I took him on!
Sticking with my "Anyone Can Cook" motto, I went through the refrigerator and pulled out everything that looked vegetarian...boy was I tempted to throw in some Bacon!  What?  Just for a bit of flavor that's all!
Anyway, I stayed true to the theme and managed to pull in all of the ingredients into this!
Sever layers of Red Bliss Potatoes sliced and arranged flat...
topped with a layer of Red Onions also cut and spread evenly over the potatoes...
another layer of Mushrooms all sprinkled with Garlic (I would have used fresh but all I had was Powder) and Yeast Seasoning that I'm told is a great substitute for grated cheese... 
Follow with more layers of either the same or, use your imagination and substitute with other veggies or...even Tofu?  Continue to season throughout to taste but don't over do it!
Finally, I added 4 Jalapeños and I gotta say that was 3 too many so, live and learn but as my husband said when he bit into it...I like it Caliante!
Pour a bit of Olive Oil so that the top is lightly sprinkled and the bottom is nice and even and oven roast on 350º for about 45 min?  Again, not precise but keep checking to make sure it doesn't burn but gets a little rosy on top...
Oh, almost forgot, also added some White Kidney Beans for the consistency and, cause I was trying to make it pretty and they were like the accessory on top!

This was definitely an experiment but considering that it was eaten in a matter of minutes, I guess it was a successful one!?
If you try it,  let me know how it goes and if you have any suggestions for making it better.  I'm thinking that adding fresh Garlic would be a great move and maybe a bit of Rosemary to bring out the flavor in the Potatoes?
One thing for sure, the aroma in the house was off the charts AMAZING and the boys were HAPPY so it was a Win-Win for all! 

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