Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chef Alya

that's what someone called me on Face Book after I posted last night's Rosemary Medley of Chicken, Red Bliss Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts...
and you know what?  I really like the sound of that!
I don't claim to be master chef or anything but I do like to play around with food and believe that anyone can cook...have you seen Ratatouille?  If not, then you must!

I enjoy experimenting with different ingredients but don't go crazy with what I use so, if there is beef or chicken or vegetables, well then I use that and add simple spices to taste.
In this case, I used the rosemary from the Rosemary Tree I got over the holidays and marinated the chicken breast with that, a bit of olive oil and garlic for 3 days in the refrigerator.
I then added rosemary, olive oil and a bit of Kosher salt to the red bliss potatoes and sauteed them along with the chicken.
As for the Brussels sprouts- these were frozen from Trader Joe's and, although I prefer them fresh, -sauteed with yup...you guessed it...olive oil and a splash of red wine vinegar (my secret for making them less bitter and a bit burnt) were delicious!
Go ahead, give it a try and remember...if at first you don't succeed, only you will know!


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  1. You are a Chef now Alya! And so cool that you got rosemary as a gift! Better than getting it at the supermarket!


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