Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Did you know that

last year Philadelphia was ranked the #2 Burger City in the entire country by Travel + Leisure Magazine? 
Well it was!
Wouldn't it be great if there was an even where you could sample all of the city's best burgers in one place?
Well there is!
The 3rd Annual Philadelphia Burger Brawl takes place this Sunday, May 5th with more than 25 of the city's best burgers competing to be crowned #1 and you need to be there! 
The 3rd Annual Philadelphia Burger Brawl
Need more of a reason to partake in the goodness?  
Well, here it is!
For $75, you get to feast on over two dozen burgers and drink copious amounts of beer and cocktails while knowing that all proceeds go toward funding computer labs at Philadelphia schools and yes, Jacob goes to a Philadelphia school so there, isn't that reason enough?!  

Conceived by our dear friends Rob and Maggie Wasserman of Rouge, 500 Degrees and The Saint James to help supply Meredith Elementary school with up-to-date technology, it has since expanded its scope to fund the construction of computer labs at schools across the city and I couldn't be more grateful!
Rob Wasserman at Burger Brawl
So grateful that I'm putting my $ where my mouth is and giving away two tickets to the next person who does the following; shares this on their FB page, re-tweets it @AlyaIS and posts a comment on AlyaBuzz letting me and everyone else know that they're supporting this awesome cause!
Looking forward to hearing from the WINNER and seeing you all at The 3rd Annual Philadelphia Burger Brawl...come on, do it for the Children!!!

For details, tickets and full list of Burger Brawl participant go here and see you Sunday!
Third Annual Philadelphia Burger Brawl
When: Sunday, May 5, 3-6 p.m.
Where: Fleisher Art Memorial, 719 Catherine Street
Cost: $75
More info: www.phillyburgerbrawl.com


  1. Supporting (by re-tweeting and sharing on FB)!

  2. Thank you John, your support means a lot and hope you enjoy the Burger Brawl!!!

  3. Tickets are still available, please support!

  4. Just shared on FB and on Twitter! :)

  5. AWESOME!!! Thanks for the support and either give me your contact info or, email me @alyasherman@yahoo.com so I can give you the tix!


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