Sunday, May 19, 2013

Best Coffee in US?

I love my coffee, drink tons of it and have for years all over the world so, one could say that I'm somewhat of a connoisseur and perhaps, a bit of a snob when it comes to the java.
So when I heard that a Philadelphia joint beat out all others in the Nation to the #1 spot, I was super excited to check it out for myself.
Ultimo, located on 15th and Mifflin in South Philadelphia, an area that admittedly rarely frequent or, know much about, snagged the #1 spot beating out the likes of Stumptown and others that I've only heard of.
Ultimo best coffee house in USA
According to the, they came full circle on their list, from one Philadelphia coffee shop to another but what makes Ultimo tick — and brings in Philadelphians in flocks? Simplicity, and a little bit of love.  In the constant battle over which cities have the best coffee culture — East Coast versus West Coast, New York City versus Philadelphia — it frequently boils down to the people behind the counter. And many will argue that Philadelphia, often seen as the underdog to the big cities of the Northeast, is hands-down the winner for the best cup of coffee because the coffee scene there is hardly home to the snobbery that can come with "Third Wave" coffee. 
I'm glad that my hometown won but never one to take others word for it, I needed to try it for myself so, last Saturday we did just that.
I had the pour-over drip coffee, Chemex and Phil had the same but iced and OK, it was OK but the best?
Ultimo best coffee house in USA
Sorry guys, definitely not the best cup of coffee I've ever had and quite honestly speaking, the fact that LaColombe was not even on the list and, Joe came in #9 makes me question the "experts" who made the ultimateo decision?
Ultimo best coffee house in USA
I'll give them this, the space is super cool, the vibe very hipster chic and, along with niche coffee roasts (all from Counter Culture Coffee Roaster) and artisanal sandwiches (new from American Sardine Bar) they share space with Brew, a Beer Boutique!  
Hmm...maybe I need to rethink my thinking?
Ultimo coffee and Brew beer
Maybe just maybe it warrants another try but this time, I think I'll check out their Graduate Hospital location at the corner of 22nd & Catharine Streets.
All in all, I can totally see the draw and will certainly give them another try but my heart will always belong to LaColombe unless...a coffee and wine shop opens up but now I'm just talking crazy!  Or am I? 
La Colombe
Check out the "America's Best Coffee Shops" Slideshow here and tell me, where do you get your coffee fix?

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