Sunday, May 19, 2013

Date night

If you love seafood but haven't been to The Oyster House on 15th and Sansom than my friends, you're missing out!
Not only is the food fresh and delicious but the Happy Hour is well, how shall I describe it?
Oh yeah, here you go!
The Oyster House Philadelphia
and did I mention that the Clams and Oysters are $1?
We almost always sit at the bar and almost always meet the most colorful characters all while  enjoying the sauteed mussels...
and cocktails until Happy Hour starts.
This time I opted for Jack's Cider but usually, go for one of the many signature punches or specialty drinks the bartenders are relentlessly crafting up behind the bar.
Jack's Cider Oyster House Philadelphia
Deeelicious and I finally got to wear my not-so-new-anymore Taupe and Gold Studded Tank and Inca Print Pumps...

Fun Times!

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