Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Admit It, I'm a Junkie

a nail junkie that is so when I saw this I just had to share!  A nail polish that changes color with your temperature?  OK! But I’m always cold so what does that mean?
Shade Shifter from Orly

Shade Shifter from Orly is a new color-changing gel topcoat that changes pigment depending on body temperature and chemistry.  Nope, it's not "mood ring" technology.  This topcoat transforms into a fantastically new shade in the same color palette — darker if you're cold, lighter if you're warm and ombre someplace in the middle?
Shade Shifter from Orly
If you’re a die-hard nail connoisseur like me, this color-changing topcoat is something you need to try. If you’re more of a window shopper and like to look but not touch, then check out the Shade Shifter video...
Looks pretty cool and although I’ve never done gel, I may give it a

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